Government of Eritrea


The red triangle symbolizes the blood of the martyrs of the 30-years of the struggle for liberation. The green triangle symbolizes Eritrea’s fertile agriculture, and the blue triangle stands for the Red Sea and Eritrea’s maritime resources. Around a central branch (the nation revives, escaping her chains) is a circle of olive branches with 30 leaves, one for each year struggle for independence.




The camel has been adopted as the National Emblem for its instrumental role in transporting supplies during the war for independence.

Country Name:

  • Conventional long form:   State of Eritrea
  •  Conventional:                     Short form: Eritrea
  • Local long form:                   Hagere Ertra

Capital City:-

  • Asmara

Administrative Divisions: Six Regions:–

  • Anseba,
  • Debub (Southern),
  • Debubawi Keih Bahri ( Southern Red Sea),
  • Gash-Barka,
  • Maekel(Central) &
  • Semienawi Keih Bahri (Northern Red Sea)

Legal System:-   

  • Primary basis is the Ethiopian legal code of 1957, with revisions; New civil, commercial, and penal codes have not yet been promulgated; also it relies on customary and post-independence-enacted laws and, for Civil cases involving Muslims, Sharia law.


  • 18 years of age; universal