Requisition of ሰነዳት ካብ(Missions)

Title: Document Retrieval Assistance

Are you an Eritrean citizen who applied for an Eritrean national ID and Passport before relocating to Canada? We recognize that navigating the document retrieval process can be intricate. That’s where we step in to support you in this significant undertaking.

Processing Fee: $50.00 CAD

To initiate the document retrieval process, there is a processing fee of $50.00 CAD. You can conveniently make this payment using a money order or a bank draft made payable to the “Consulate of Eritrea.” This fee covers the administrative work required to locate and secure your crucial documents.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your documents are retrieved promptly and efficiently. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are here to provide the guidance and support you require throughout this process. To get started, please complete the form and submit it to our office.

Standard requisition form: – Requisition_Letter