Consular Services

General Guidance for Eritrean Consular Services

Re: Visa, Passport, Eritrean National ID, Temporary ID, Underage ID, Legal Services, and Letters to Missions.
Dear all,
We want to provide clear and concise guidance regarding our consular services to ensure smooth and efficient assistance to all our esteemed clients. Please find below an overview of the various services and their respective requirements:
1. Visa:
– Eritrean citizens with and without dual citizenships who require a visa due to discrepancies in their Canadian documents can apply for a visa. To be eligible, they must prove their status based on their Eritrean National ID (ER-ID) information.
– For individuals of Eritrean origin who do not yet possess their national ID, they must apply for it first. Based on their application, we will issue a temporary ID if they fall between the ages of 18 to 35. For applicants above 35, a visa will be issued while their national ID is being processed.
– Visa for Tourist Purposes: After submitting their visa application, we will wait for approval from Immigration Eritrea before processing the visa issuance.
2. Passport:
– First-time applicants for a new passport have the right to apply after their nationality status has been assessed. No duty fulfillment is required for first-time applicants.
– For passport renewal, applicants must provide proof of duty fulfillment, as renewal is considered a service.
– In cases of lost passports, applicants must report the loss, and their application will be filed. However, please note that the decision on issuance will be made by Immigration Eritrea, and the process may take approximately one year from the loss report.
3. Eritrean National ID:
– All individuals of Eritrean origin should apply for their Eritrean National ID at their earliest convenience.
– Travelers to Eritrea between the ages of 18 to 35 must apply for a Temporary ID, which will be valid for one year. For travelers above 35, a visa is required.
4. Underage ID:
– Underage ID will be issued for Eritrean nationals aged 17 and below.
5. Legal Services:
– All legal services must adhere to the national rules and regulations.
– To ensure validity, individuals must fulfill their national duty, which includes obtaining 2% clearance.
6. Letters to Missions:
– To request data or other related matters from missions, applicants must write a letter addressed to our office and include a $50 CAD fee for us to request on their behalf.
We hope this comprehensive overview of our consular services will help facilitate a smoother experience for all our staff and clients alike.
If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist you in every possible way.